Rabu, 12 September 2012

Nude, or Skin Color?

Do you think is this just nude dress, or dress with skin color? Having a pale skin is not a problem for me because dark clothes could help me look better, but what is the opinion from friends if i dont wear dark, such as this dress' color.

And this hairstyle, uh.. Very terrible. Sometimes it bothers my view, my right cylinder eyeball is realy upset. So what kind of hairstyle that i should choose?

I spent several days by learning ho to walk with this wedges, haha forget it.. I remember how painful it is when i wear it more than 3 hours. Am i kidding? No i am not, this wedges is very cute and makes me taller :)
Posted By: Elsawati Dewi

Nude, or Skin Color?


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4 komentar :

  1. lucu sekali bajunya,

    modis dan siple bgt

  2. i like the first pic, els... your hair make it great...

    1. are you kidding? it's my primary problem.. and went to the barbarian doesnt fix it well T_T

  3. ini dia baru aku suka miss , wkwkwkwkk


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