Selasa, 26 Februari 2013

New Game: IMVU

I am crazy in playing games especially those which come in avatar based. After The Sims Social which succeed seizes my attention in spare time, then i found IMVU from a pop up of social bookmarking that i used to shared my post links. Damn the pop up, if my browser block any ad I wouldn't find this game!

I don't know what means of that name because I just know this is an IMVU. It's a game which use 3D avatar where you can dress up, meet people, interact as human in real life even we can make a love! Hahaha. That's why this game is just for 18+, because a lot of avatars are sexy (and I was wondering that impossible to get the perfect body shape like my ava) so if you are young enough that I can be your mother then you are not allowed to install this application. 

In this game we are not walking but we are jumping from one dot to another. Simply when you click the chair, you will sit there. When you click the bed, you will  be lying down and some beds serve couple sexy poses! xD

Maybe I spent too much time to enjoy this game not because the adult things but it have the same aspects with our real life. We can have a role to play as who we are, have a family, dating, etc. For homeworker like me, the virtual world is more familiar. Playing this game allow you to hang out and have fun as you do in real, but don't put emotion in. It's not a way to substitue the real life, it just game to have break. These are snapshots I had taken.

Posted By: Elsawati Dewi

New Game: IMVU


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  1. avatarnya cantik cantik, hehehehe ... buat 18 - gak ada ya ...

    1. cantikan mana sama usernya? hihihi >_<

  2. jika berkenan , tolong dong follow blog saya , miss dewi ,

    1. oke siap, tapi blog saya juga jangan lupa di follow ya..


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