Senin, 18 Maret 2013


So you are in a terrible condition where nobody help you and you are trying to show people how suffer you are.. The only one thing that you suppossed to do is just: MOVE ON and I hate this word! Not means I don't need to be moved on, but it means I am going to move on and I don't need to hear somebody says that I have to do it because a true moving on is natural. And it begins when decided to smile. What the fuck did I say, it's not as simple as that!

Or have you ever heard this quote "You can't change the world if you don't change your own self." Oh my God it was beautiful hard words.. but not works to me. -_- Does it work to you well?

When you can't reach your goal, starting business over from zero where you are not ready for any chalenge and those crazy requirements just make you being left behind, it's not terrible and you are not suffering. The problem is the problem and the problem is your attitude about the problem.. just write a list to do and after you wake up tomorrow just do what on the list!

Looking for the way out in a trouble is like seeking a light inside the dark tunnel. Example; you tell everyone that you won a lottery and ask to have a party.. They will come to you because you are spreading happiness. Everybody love to be happy and staying with someone who really happy living her/his life. In other side, you tell them that you are hopeless to doing anything because you had broke up with your special friend. Some friends will give you a good motivation to entertain, but most of them are speechless because they don't know how to show their sorry feeling and after it, they left. Being friend with a hopeless person is boring. Nobody wouldn't receive you as a crying baby. So whatever happening, keep smiling and positive words. If you can't find the light, maybe because you are the light.

And the question is, am I suffering in a terrible condition? Well, I agree if the life is not as easy as what motivators said. Playing some games or making illusions on my ugly photos at work time is not a good attitude. I stopped them, so what if I left behind? I am about moving on since I decided to be the only one person who can motivate myself as possible.
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  1. I dont wanna say "Wi, move on!" even though it just did in a text. hehe... I'll say, wake up, girls... the sun is waiting your smile...

  2. yea i am trying..
    i slept too much xD

  3. Good thing then that you think is best for you


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